Custom Orders

We are proud to offer a wide array of designs. After reviewing the prices and examples below, you can submit your order online at the bottom of this page!

Basic Guidelines

Minimum of 12 cupcakes per custom design.

Minimum of 48 hours notice for all custom designs. Depending on the complexity of your design and the ingredients needed for your flavors, we may require additional notice.

Fondant and sanding sugar can only go on buttercream (that is, they do not hold over whipped cream and other softer icings).

Pricing Sheet

All of our standard cupcakes are $30/dozen; $27 dozen for orders of over 5 dozen. The prices listed below are charged per cupcake, in addition to the base cupcake price.

Rosette Decorations Free
Sprinkles $0.10
Chocolate Chips $0.10
Candy Garnishes $0.10
Dragée $0.10
Disco Dust $0.15
Custom buttercream colors (price per color) $0.25
Hand Detailing work $0.25
Fondant Work (price per color) $0.25
Piping Work (price per color)  $0.25
Advanced Piping Work $0.50
Edible Spray Paint (price per color) $0.10

Printed/edible logos and transfers: We do not offer logos printed in-house, due to the difficulty and cost of maintaining a food printer. We recommend that you pre-purchase your logos/cupcake toppers from a source such as ink4cakes. Then, you can either ship the items directly to our address, or bring them in and we will add them to your cupcakes!

Full-Size Cakes

We currently offer two sizes of larger cakes, typically sold as part of a cupcake package:

4" Round Cake $17.50
6" Round Cake $35.00

To roughly estimate the price of custom work on a cake, use the prices in the pricing sheet, above, and multiply by 10 for 4" cakes, and by 20 for 6" cakes.

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