Tree Stand/Display Rentals

We offer a wide variety of tree stands to rent out for your event!

Rental Policies:

  • Rental pieces are due within 72 hours after they are first checked out from our shop.
  • We refund 50% of the rental fee upon on-time return of the rental.
  • Rentals must be returned on-time and without any damage to qualify for deposit refund.
  • Certain unique and antique pieces may require an additional deposit.
  • We can pick up rentals after your event, at a cost of an additional $1/mile driving distance, plus a $20 pickup fee.

2-Tiered Silver Pedestal Stands 18 cupcakes each $15.00/each

Small Wire Tree 13 cupcakes each $10.00/each
Medium Wire Tree 23 cupcakes $15.00/each
(not pictured)

White 5-Tiered Stand 208 cupcakes $60.00/each
*White 5-Tiered Stand That Disassembles 208 cupcakes for 5 tiers $60.00/each

Gold Pedestal Stands 10 cupcakes each $15.00/each

2-Tiered Antique White Pedestal Stands 24 cupcakes each $15.00/each

3-Tiered Silver Platter Stands 36 cupcakes each $20.00/each

White and glass platter, 6" - 8" cake or 9-10 cupcakes, $10.00/each

Gold cake stand, 6" - 8" cake or 12-15 cucpakes, $15.00/each

White cake stand, 6"-8" cake, 13 cupcakes, $15.00/each

2-tier wire stand, 20-25 cupcakes, $20.00/each

rustic wood platter, 6" - 8" cake, 13-15 cupcakes, $15.00/each

metallic square platter, 6" - 8" cake, 12-16 cupcakes, $15.00/each

wood cake stand, 4" cake, 4 cupcakes, $10.00/each

flower-pattern platter, 4" cake, 3 cupcakes, $10.00/each

snowflake pattern glass cake stand, 4" cake or 4 cupcakes, $10.00/each

flower pattern cake stand, 4" cake or 3 cupcakes, $10.00/each


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